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At Ross Taddeo Orthodontics, we strive to help our patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles through convenient orthodontic treatment. As a leading orthodontist serving Orlando and the surrounding areas, we offer a comprehensive range of orthodontic treatments to suit the diverse needs and lifestyles of our patients. While we offer many treatments, though, our most popular treatment is still the time-tested workhorse of orthodontics: traditional metal braces.

What Are Traditional Braces?

Traditional metal braces, more commonly known simply as "braces," are the oldest, most powerful, and still the most popular treatment in orthodontics. Made from a series of metal brackets and a thin, springy archwire running through them, metal braces are a durable, reliable, and cost-effective treatment option. Metal braces can be used to treat almost any orthodontic condition, and they're effective against even the most severe malocclusions. Plus, modern braces are thinner, lighter, and more comfortable than ever.

How Do Orthodontists Put Braces On Teeth?

The procedure for placing braces is a simple, routine process that we can complete in a single afternoon. After creating a detailed treatment plan using diagnostic information collected at your initial evaluation, Dr. Taddeo will have a custom set of brackets and archwires created specifically to fit your mouth. Then, we'll bring you in to place your braces.

First, Dr. Taddeo will place tooth-colored metal bands around the rear molars and attach them with special dental cement. These bands will act as anchor points, giving the archwire something to push off of in order to move the teeth. With the bands in place, he'll place a metal bracket on the front of each tooth, again using dental cement to attach them. Finally, he'll run an archwire through each bracket and use elastic ties around the brackets to hold the archwire in place. After getting your braces on, you may experience some soreness or discomfort for a few days, but this should be minor and will fade on its own.

How Long Do Braces Last?

Every patient is different, and treatment time can vary greatly depending on the specifics of your case and treatment plan. That said, most patients need braces for anywhere from 12 to 24 months. The more severe your malocclusion and the more tooth movement required, the longer your treatment will last. After you finish treatment with braces, you'll undergo a retention phase to help cement your smile for a lifetime. Once you finish with braces and complete your retention therapy, your new smile is yours to keep!

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Traditional metal braces are a powerful way to achieve a new smile, and we're proud to offer them alongside a variety of other orthodontic treatments. Want to find out if braces or other orthodontic treatments are right for you? We'd love to help! Feel free to request a consultation at our office using our easy online form. We'll help you choose the best orthodontic treatment for your lifestyle, design a comprehensive treatment plan, and set you on the path to a gorgeous new smile!

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