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Here at the office of Dr. Ross Taddeo, we offer comprehensive orthodontic care. Although Dr. Ross Taddeo sees patients of all ages, many of his patients are children in need of treatment due to habits involving thumb-sucking or finger-sucking. Unfortunately, some of these habits can hurt the growth of primary teeth. If untreated, this could even create an overbite of the front teeth.

How Thumb Sucking Can Make Negative Impacts

When you contact Dr. Taddeo, he will gladly discuss how your child’s thumb sucking can make a negative impact on their teeth and jaw. A few of the things that he can go over include the effect of the teeth growing inward or outward, explaining how sucking can impede the growth of the upper jaw, as well as how a misalignment of the teeth can occur.

Methods To Break The Habit Of Thumb Sucking

Although the majority of children will stop sucking their thumbs on their own, they must stop as soon as possible. When you notice that your child is still sucking their thumb at 2 years old, then you need to begin encouraging them to stop and have them distracted with other things so that the habit can be broken. If you are unsuccessful with discouragement methods, then Dr. Taddeos can help.

A Children's Orthodontist In East Orlando Can Assist

When thumb sucking is still taking place at 3 years and the habit is persisting, then you should make an appointment with Dr. Taddeo today will be needed. Treatment can be as easy as an appliance specifically worn to prevent sucking at night.

Having a removable retainer can also be utilized to help break the habit. This appliance can be applied by the orthodontist in Stoneybrook East or a children's orthodontist in East Orlando. Regardless of which clinic location you visit, the habit will be treated so that the habit can be broken. Besides the retainer, a device known as the fixed palatal crib can be placed and worn. It’s designed to prevent the gums from being touched by the thumb, which makes the whole thumb-sucking experience unenjoyable for the child.

Get In Touch With Us Today

When you notice your child constantly sucking their thumb, then you know that it will potentially cause dental issues later on. However, when you contact your local orthodontist in Stoneybrook East now, you will have help before any real adverse changes take place. Your child will be made as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process. As your child’s orthodontist is working with your child, you can ask as many questions as you like to help rectify the issue at home.

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