5 Surprising Benefits Of Braces

5 Surprising Benefits Of Braces
Posted on 09/10/2023

Dr. Ross Taddeo Orthodontics aims for a killer smile in teens, children, and adults. Our technology and passion for patients to have beautiful and healthy smiles help us do that. It starts with examining your teeth and ends with Invisalign or braces in East Orlando. Braces straighten teeth and make oral care straightforward, but that's not all they do. There are five surprising benefits to braces.

Speech Improvement

The tongue helps you pronounce words and sentences to start a conversation. However, tooth alignment can affect how you speak. If the teeth are too forward or backward, you could develop a lisp or whistle in speech. Braces straighten the teeth to their correct alignment. As it does, you reduce lisps and whistles while speaking more clearly.

Easier to Eat and Digest

Crooked or misaligned teeth will have trouble chewing the food into small pieces. The pressure on the teeth to smash food into small portions will cause jaw pain and stiff muscles. The digestive system cannot extract the vitamins and nutrients your body needs if the food is in large chunks. Perfectly straightened teeth can chew foods into small pieces for better digestion and extraction.

Improved Jaw Health

A jawline with crooked teeth invites bacteria that will infect and damage it. It also causes issues with the jaw joints. Misaligned teeth may make it painful to open and close the mouth while eating or speaking. That leads to TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder. Stoneybrook East braces fix current and upcoming issues related to TMJ.

Reduced Tooth Injuries

Straightened teeth can reduce tooth injury by keeping the mouth and lips closed before impact. The evenness keeps teeth together, so the lips can protect them better. Lips with misaligned teeth inside cannot close properly in time because of their crooked positions. That increases the chance of a facial or mouth injury popping them out. Contact us if your teeth pop out suddenly, and we will fix it immediately.


Crooked teeth may cause teeth to grind. That leads to headaches and weakened enamel. Repeatedly clenching your jaw, TMJ, and tooth decay are other causes of headaches from crooked teeth. The braces realign teeth toward the correct placement, relieving the jaw from unneeded stress. After getting braces in East Orlando, retainers can stop you from grinding your teeth.

Braces do more than make a smile aesthetically pleasing. It affects the jawline, brain, mouth, and digestive system for the better. Let Dr. Ross Taddeo Orthodontics give you the marvelous smile you deserve. Contact our office for more information on Invisalign and Braces in East Orlando.

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