Braces Removal and Teeth After Braces

Braces Removal and Teeth After Braces
Posted on 11/10/2023

It's an exciting day when the braces come off. Most teenagers are excited about being able to eat some of their favorite foods again without worrying about their braces. Adults typically are excited about being able to brush and floss normally if they have traditional braces.

Dr. Ross Taddeo, who does braces for kids, has been there for many young patients. He offers some very useful advice for post-brace patients. If your child is having braces removed, visit Dr. Taddeo to discuss what comes next.

How the Braces in Stoneybrook East Are Removed

In general, most orthodontists need a couple of hours to safely and carefully remove braces. An orthodontic adhesive glued the brackets to the teeth, and it requires a tool to safely pick the brackets of the teeth. Sometimes picking just the right brackets off causes all the brackets and wire to come out in one piece, but mostly each bracket has to be popped off.

The Adhesive Residue on Your Teeth

As you might imagine, the residue from the orthodontic adhesive will be left behind. It presents a lot of white squarish patterns on your teeth. The dentist will perform a cleaning and scaling to remove most of it, but regular brushing will help remove the rest of the residue over time.

If there's concern about "staining" from the removed brackets and adhesive, the orthodontist might prescribe a special oral rinse to resolve this. Used as directed, the rinse rebuilds calcium in the teeth and eliminates the "stains" from the adhesive. You can discuss such products with your orthodontist who is doing East Orlando braces for kids.

Fitted for a Retainer

Because kids are constantly growing, their teeth can shift around again. To prevent that, your child will need to wear retainers until the orthodontist says they aren't necessary anymore. After the braces have been removed, your child is fitted with a retainer. The orthodontist will instruct everyone on how long to wear it and when to wear it.

After removing your child's braces in Stoneybrook East clinic, you will need to schedule follow-up appointments with Dr. Taddeo. Book ahead for the best times. Contact us!

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