Do Teeth Move After Braces Are Removed?

Do Teeth Move After Braces Are Removed?
Posted on 08/22/2017

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So, you just spent the last couple of years with braces. You wore your rubber bands, you followed Dr. Taddeo’s instructions carefully, and you endured all those adjustments until all of your teeth were properly aligned. After all of that hard work and patience, it’s finally time for your braces to come off. At Dr. Ross Taddeo Orthodontics, we want to be the first to say congratulations! Our caring staff and orthodontist strive to provide excellent orthodontic care to give you the smile that you’ve always wanted. Now, what happens once you complete your braces treatment? Well, there are a few things that you can expect that will keep your smile straight and beautiful for years to come.

Wearing Your Orthodontic Retainer

When you have braces, the teeth are held solidly in the position that our orthodontist wants; however, once the braces are removed, your teeth may shift without anything holding them together. Don’t worry - this is all part of the natural settling process. Some level of moving is normal and may even result in better bite alignment than when the braces were on. One situation that we want to avoid is when your teeth shift so much that it would require you to redo your orthodontic treatment! The best way to minimize this movement is retention, which involves the use of a retainer.

Wearing a retainer is an integral part of your post-orthodontic treatment and we can’t emphasize this enough. After all, you just went through years of orthodontic treatment. If you don’t wear your retainer especially at first when your teeth are still settling, your teeth are likely to shift, undoing all that hard work. Wearing your retainer is a small commitment that makes a big difference in the long run.

How Do You Know Your Teeth Have Moved?

On the off chance that the teeth start to gradually move in the weeks following your braces removal, your family orthodontist might be able to make very slight adjustments with the help of your retainer. If the adjustments can’t be made using only your retainer, your orthodontist may elect to use Invisalign clear aligners to fine-tune your smile. That being said, it’s important to tell your orthodontist early on if you notice your teeth starting to shift. That way, we can address the issue as soon as possible and make minor adjustments before the teeth shift too much.

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