Does it Hurt to Get Dental Braces Tightened?

Does it Hurt to Get Dental Braces Tightened?
Posted on 05/10/2024

At Dr. Ross Taddeo Orthodontics, we know everyone is unique, but if you need braces, you’re not alone. We have plenty of options for straightening your teeth and giving you back your beautiful smile. Over time, as your braces work, you’ll need to have them tightened. You might wonder if this process hurts, and we have the answers you need. 

Does it Hurt When Tightening Braces?

At our Orthodontics East Orlando office, it’s normal to experience slight pressure and tenderness after a tightening procedure. This happens when your teeth shift into their proper position and your braces begin feeling loose. For your treatment to continue working, they must be tighter, and this can make your mouth feel as though it’s had a workout.

Getting your braces tightened puts extra pressure on your teeth, so it’s natural to feel some soreness. It also causes blood flow changes, which can also cause pain and discomfort.

Fortunately, discomfort from having your braces tightened is temporary. After a week or two, you should begin feeling normal again as your mouth gets used to the new adjustment.

How Does Braces Tightening Work?

You must come in for regular appointments so our orthodontics East Orlando orthodontist can assess your progress. The doctor will determine how much your teeth have moved and remove the elastic bands and wire, and determine whether the wire can be reused or should be replaced. This is based on how much your teeth have shifted. Next, the doctor will place new elastics in your braces to keep the wire in place.

Easing Discomfort from Braces Tightening

If you have pain or discomfort after getting your braces Eastwood tightened, there are things you can do at home to feel better. Use an ice pack on your cheeks to reduce swelling and inflammation, but only for 10 minutes at a time. You can also drink ice water to ease your entire mouth.

Using an oral pain reliever can combat discomfort from braces tightening by numbing your mouth. Apply it with the tip of your finger during times of the day when you don’t plan to eat a meal or snack.

Take a mild over-the-counter pain reliever like acetaminophen. This can reduce your pain and discomfort and even headaches, which some patients report to our office after braces Eastwood tightening.

If you need braces or another type of orthodontic treatment in East Orlando, we can help. Contact us at Dr. Ross Taddeo Orthodontics at your earliest convenience to schedule a consultation.

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