Dos and Don'ts with Clarity Braces

Dos and Don'ts with Clarity Braces
Posted on 11/28/2022

Are you looking for an Avalon Park, Waterford Lakes, or Eastwood orthodontist for your teeth straightening or other smile correction? Dr. Ross Taddeo is a trusted Eastwood Invisalign provider. We also offer metal braces, Clarity braces, Iconix™ Aesthetic Braces, and gold braces. With so many options to choose from and our outstanding reputation for patient care, we are your East Orlando teeth straightening professionals!

When making your own decision about which braces to choose, you likely have questions about each type. Many of our patients inquire about the dos and don'ts of Clarity braces in particular. Below are some of our best tips for maintaining the clear perfection of your invisible braces while we redesign your perfect smile. If you have more questions or are ready to start correcting your smile with Clarity braces, contact us at 407-482-3700.

About Clarity Braces 

Clarity braces are designed with a subtle, clear appearance that many call invisible. These clear braces are stain-resistant, comfortable, and low maintenance. Unlike Eastwood Invisalign, you do not remove them to eat or drink. Instead, they are permanently affixed to your teeth like metal braces until your Eastwood orthodontist, Dr. Ross Taddeo, removes them. 

Although Clarity braces are stain-resistant, you still need to exercise some caution when making food, drink, and lifestyle choices. You also need to avoid certain activities to keep your teeth healthy and strong, both during and after your orthodontic care.

Dos and Don'ts of Clarity Braces

Below are some of the best points to remember if you choose to wear Clarity braces. These key dos and don'ts include:

  • Avoid sticky and hard foods like taffy, hard candies, and ice to prevent bracket breakage
  • Avoid foods like tomato sauce, red wine, and coffee that can stain the exposed parts of your teeth and your clear braces
  • Quit smoking to avoid staining your ceramic brackets, wires, and teeth
  • Brush your teeth at least three times daily, especially after meals, to prevent tooth decay from trapped food debris
  • Avoid using whitening toothpaste because it will only whiten exposed areas of teeth, leaving discoloration beneath brackets
  • Floss daily using the proper technique for braces to prevent tooth decay from trapped debris
  • Visit your Eastwood orthodontist twice yearly for bracket cleaning to keep your smile and clear braces looking their best

Contact Us for Teeth Straightening with Clarity Braces

If you want a straighter smile and healthier bite, Clarity braces may be a great fit. Dr. Ross Taddeo, also offers Eastwood Invisalign, metal braces, gold braces, and Iconix™ Aesthetic Braces. Schedule your visit with Dr. Taddeo in East Orlando now using our appointment request form or by calling (407)482-3700.

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