Braces & Invisalign patients should avoid drinking soda, fruit juice, & dark-colored drinks. Read more & schedule your East Orlando appointment today!

Drinks to Avoid With Braces and Invisalign

Drinks to Avoid With Braces and Invisalign
Posted on 06/06/2018

Tips From Your East Orlando Children’s Orthodontist

It’s important to make sure you are consuming the right foods and beverages when undergoing orthodontic treatment like braces and Invisalign. That’s why Dr. Ross Taddeo and his dedicated team provide personalized experiences for each of our East Orlando area patients, along with the following advice on what drinks you should avoid while wearing braces and Invisalign.

Sodas and Carbonated Beverages

Sodas and other carbonated drinks can be very acidic which can cause corrosion and wear away at the tooth enamel as well as orthodontic devices in the mouth. Additionally, these drinks are usually very high in sugar and contain much more than is recommended for a healthy diet. Consuming too much sugar will cause tooth decay. Any other type of fizzy drink, including sparkling water, wine or punch, can stain the brackets of your braces, which will be unsightly.

Fruit Juices & Punches

Many people view fruit juice as healthy and therefore make the mistake of drinking lots of it. While fruit juice does contain healthy vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it is loaded with sugar, and most fruit juices purchased from a store even have added sugar which is more than the natural amount found in the fruit. Even juice with no added sugar still contains a high amount. For Invisalign and braces patients, it is best to avoid drinking juice.

Dark Colored Beverages

Most people love coffee or tea, and there is no reason you can’t still enjoy these beverages with braces, however - during orthodontic treatment it is best to limit your intake of these dark-colored drinks, including red wine, as their color can stain the brackets and wires of your braces. When you drink these beverages, use a straw as this will minimize contact with your teeth. Also, stick to unsweetened or very lightly sweetened coffee and tea drinks.

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