Helpful Retainer Habits

Helpful Retainer Habits
Posted on 03/26/2020

One of the toughest parts of orthodontic treatment for many kids and teens is the transition from braces to a retainer, and it’s an important transition to make because the retainer is used to help keep your adjustments in place long enough for the supporting tissue to strengthen around them. Not wearing your retainer can set back your progress or even lead to a second round of adjustments, in extreme cases. If you’re about to make the change because your treatment is done, here are a few helpful tips to make life with a retainer easier.

Keep It On You All the Time

It can be tempting to put your retainer away when you’re not wearing it, especially if you’re a person who loses things easily. Unfortunately, that can lead to situations where it’s time to wear it again, but you don’t have it with you. Your orthodontist recommends keeping it in a pocket, purse, or backpack whenever you leave the house.

Clean Your Retainer Every Time You Brush

If your teeth need cleaning, your whole mouth needs cleaning. That means your retainer also needs cleaning at those times. Whether it’s early morning, just before bed, or around mealtime, make sure you take the time to follow through with cleaning whenever you:

  • Brush
  • Floss
  • Use mouthwash

After all, it doesn’t help you have a healthy mouth if you put a contaminated retainer in after you brush!

Use Your Protective Case

Retainers are built to be tough, as your children’s orthodontist will tell you, but they can be broken easily if the wrong pressures are put on the wrong spots. That means they aren’t safe in a backpack or bag unless they’re protected. That’s why they come with a case, though! Use it to make sure you don’t need to make an appointment for a replacement. If you do have a damaged retainer or you need to follow-up on treatment, contact our Orlando office right away to make an appointment.

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