How Often Should You Change Your Invisalign Trays?

How Often Should You Change Your Invisalign Trays?
Posted on 07/10/2023

Located in Orlando, Florida, Dr. Ross Taddeo and his experienced staff provide professional-level orthodontic treatments. One of the most popular treatments we offer to people in and around Stoneybrook East is Invisalign. An important part of the Invisalign process is changing out your trays. But how often will you need to swap out your aligners? We have the answers!

How Much Time Does Invisalign Treatment Require?

The exact time you'll need to wear Invisalign trays varies on a per-patient basis. Most patients complete their Invisalign treatments anytime between 12 and 18 months. Considering that, a crucial part of straightening your teeth through Invisalign means regularly changing out your custom-fitted trays.

Factors Determining When to Change Invisalign Trays

After driving from Avalon Park or Stoneybrook East for Invisalign, keeping up with changing your trays is a smart decision. Here are factors determining when you'll wear new Invisalign trays.

Where You're at in the Invisalign Process

Typically, people starting Invisalign treatment wait slightly longer to change their trays. During this time, you can typically change your trays once every 10 days. If Invisalign treatment goes particularly well, an orthodontic specialist might let you change trays every week.

How Quickly Your Teeth Shift

Another factor determining how long people in East Orlando have invisible braces involves teeth shifting. Invisalign requires wearing a series of trays that gradually shift teeth into desired positions. People whose teeth adjust faster than normal may need to change their trays more often.

How Long You Leave Aligners In

At first, wearing Invisalign trays can take getting used to. However, part of what makes Invisalign treatment work quickly is that patients wear their trays for 20 to 22 hours each day. Patients not leaving in their trays can deal with longer treatment times. As you continue wearing your trays, you'll get used to leaving them on for long periods.

If you want Invisalign treatment, our team of East Orlando invisible braces experts is ready to help. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Taddeo and his team today for friendly and professional orthodontic treatment in Orlando, Florida. With 17 years of experience, our team has the knowledge and cutting-edge equipment to give you the smile of your dreams.

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