Is It Safe to Go Back to the Dentist?

Is It Safe to Go Back to the Dentist?
Posted on 10/15/2020

As we slowly begin to find normality, many of us are wondering what is and isn’t safe to go do. Many of us know that frequenting crowded places with limited airflow, like bars and clubs, are not wise, but did you know that visiting the orthodontist and dentist is safe? We’re following strict CDC guidelines from disinfecting our treatment and waiting rooms to the strict usage of personal protective equipment (PPE). The safety of our patients and staff members is of utmost importance to us. Throughout the pandemic and beyond we will be taking a multitude of precautions.

Keeping You and Our Team Safe

We recognize that many of us are feeling apprehensive about visiting and going out. At Taddeo Orthodontics we are taking a multitude of precautions to help stop the spread of disease and put your safety first. While the orthodontist and assistants have always worn masks, glasses, gloves, and sterilized instruments and devices, we will also be disinfecting frequently touched surfaces like chairs, desks, door handles, and bathrooms. These additional measures will be done often to help minimize any spread of disease.

Other items and surfaces that are more challenging to disinfect like magazines, reading materials, and other items in the waiting and exam rooms will be removed.

Taking Extra Precautions

When you arrive at your appointment we’ll be taking some extra precautions by asking you a few screening questions, checking your temperature, and we may ask you to wait in your vehicle rather than in our waiting room to ensure proper social distancing. We will perform all the same precautionary measures for anyone who accompanies a patient to their appointment.

Once you arrive for your appointment we will ask you to use a hydrogen peroxide rinse to help reduce the amount of germs and viruses in your mouth. As we create and implement new protocols and precautionary steps we’ll be sure to share them with you.

Continue Treatment and Cleanings As Scheduled

We know that any pause in your treatment thus far has just added to the time you’ll be going through your treatment and our goal is to keep all our patient’s on track. By taking these precautions we’re able to continue your treatment as scheduled as well as ensure that you and our staff are safe. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the continuation of your orthodontic treatment or if you should attend your dental cleaning appointments, contact us, we’re here to help.

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