National Orthodontic Health Month

National Orthodontic Health Month
Posted on 10/13/2017

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Just like every year, it’s now National Orthodontic Health Month in the United States when orthodontists, including our own Dr. Ross Taddeo, take the time to spread awareness of the importance of orthodontic treatment and good oral health! While most people know that orthodontic treatment can create a nice looking smile, not everyone is aware that it can also result in a healthier mouth. When the teeth aren’t crooked or crowded, they’re easier to clean. This helps keep problems like tooth decay, gum disease, and even tooth loss at bay.

Since this is a month for embracing healthy and beautiful smiles, we’d like to offer a few timely tips for protecting your orthodontic appliances. Taking good care of your braces, aligners, and retainers will help you avoid problems that could throw your treatment off track.

Don’t Get Tricked on Halloween – Be Careful of What You Eat!

Since this is also the month when we celebrate Halloween, there will be loads of sweet, sticky and gooey treats to tempt you. But if you’re wearing braces, you have to say no to all those treats that can stick to your appliances to make a big mess or worse, break the wires and brackets on your teeth. You should steer clear of treats like caramel, gummy candy, taffy, chewing gum, and anything that’s overly sticky and gooey!

Brush Up To Avoid Tooth Decay

It’s no secret that sugar causes tooth decay so don’t be tempted to eat tons of sweet treats this Halloween. When you do indulge in something sweet, be sure to brush your teeth afterward to remove all that sugar from your teeth.

Clean Your Appliances Well

Whether you’re wearing Invisalign or braces, you need to keep your appliances nice and clean. Having clean braces or aligners will ensure your breath always smells nice and that you aren’t embarrassed by bits of food showing on your braces or aligners.

If Something Goes Wrong, Contact Your East Orlando Orthodontist

Doing a good job of looking after your appliances also includes letting us know if something goes wrong with your braces, aligners or retainers. For instance, if you break an aligner or a part of your braces, it’s important to contact us right away so we can make the necessary repair.

Schedule a Complimentary First Visit with Us!

If you or your child could benefit from orthodontic treatment, National Orthodontic Health Month is the perfect time to begin the journey toward a healthier and more attractive smile! We proudly serve patients of all ages living in Avalon Park, Waterford Lakes, and the rest of East Orlando, so call us today at (407) 482-3700 or fill out our online form to schedule your free consultation! We look forward to welcoming you to Dr. Ross Taddeo Orthodontics, “Home of the Killer Smile”!

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