Teeth Shaving for Invisalign - Is it needed?

Teeth Shaving for Invisalign - Is it needed?
Posted on 10/10/2023

Invisalign braces are removable clear plastic tray braces for straightening teeth. There are a lot of benefits to wearing these over traditional metal braces, including being able to remove them for oral hygiene and put them back in your mouth.

Getting Invisalign at Stoneybrook East HOA starts with your first visit to Dr. Ross Taddeo Orthodontics. Dr. Ross Taddeo helps you understand why you may need to "shave" your teeth before getting Invisalign.

Shaving Teeth

This procedure is more commonly referred to as tooth contouring or tooth reshaping. The concept is taking specific dental tools and using them to slim down large teeth or reshape them to create room for teeth that are overcrowded. Since it's already used in some patients before applying metal brackets and orthodontic wire, it's not a surprise that it is also used before getting Invisalign braces. If your orthodontist says teeth shaving or contouring is needed before you can get your Invisalign, then it is necessary.

Why You Would Need Your Teeth Reshaped Before Invisalign

East Orlando Orthodontics says that making your teeth all the same length and size for a more aesthetically pleasing smile is the reason why Invisalign patients need it done. It may also be done to reduce crowding as Invisalign can't correct crowding due to large teeth trying to fit into a small mouth.

Ergo, Dr. Taddeo will shape the teeth so that when the braces start to push teeth into place there's room to push them. He will explain to you why reshaping is part of your orthodontic treatment plan before you begin.

Ongoing Reshaping?

Ongoing reshaping is rare, but sometimes people have very large and pronounced front teeth and incisors. Making the chewing surfaces straight and thinning these big teeth out may be an ongoing process. A reevaluation of how your teeth look several weeks into the treatment will determine if more teeth shaving and contouring are necessary. (Don't worry; you will have normal-looking teeth in the end. An orthodontist knows what is safe to shave and remove.)

Reshaping Is Done Before Molds Are Taken

Before you get your first set of liners for Invisalign in Stoneybrook East, you may have your teeth shaved. Again, this is only if the orthodontist says it's in your treatment plan. It's done beforehand so that your first mold for the first liners is taken from the reshaped teeth.

When you are ready to get started, consult with Dr. Taddeo Orthodontics.

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