What Should You Do After Your Invisalign Treatment Ends?

What Should You Do After Your Invisalign Treatment Ends?
Posted on 05/25/2022

Congratulations! You finally reached the finish line. But it’s far from over. Now is the time to focus on the retention phase. But what is the retention phase? The retention phase focuses on making sure that your results last beyond treatment. At Dr. Ross Taddeo, our practice strives to ensure that patients receive the best results they want- and keep those results for a lifetime. If you’ve just finished Invisalign treatment, learn what to do to keep your teeth straight.

The Last Phase- Retention

The retention phase includes patients wearing a retainer, which helps keep their teeth straight over time, minimizing the risk of reversal. Retainers lessen the likelihood of your teeth shifting out of position by allowing your gums, bones, and ligaments to stay in place around your teeth after Invisalign. Most patients start by wearing their retainers full time for a short period of time and then transition to only wearing retainers at night- depending on what your orthodontist recommends.


There are different types of retainers to choose from. This includes:

  • Clear Retainers- Like Invisalign, clear retainers are aligners that help keep the teeth and bite in place. This is a good option for those who clench or grind their teeth at night like a nightguard.
  • Hawley Retainers- This is the most common retainer people think about. It is made from acrylic and metal and is tongue-shaped to fit inside the mouth. These retainers work best for people who only need to wear a retainer at night because the wire is visible across the front of your teeth.
  • Bonded Retainers- These retainers are boned at the back of the teeth and cannot be removed. Is used when the orthodontist is concerned that the teeth will try to move back into their original position after the braces are taken off.

Retainer Care

Depending on what type of retainer you get, you’ll have to take care of them a certain way. Overall it is best to replace your retainer once you notice wear and tear. Additional tips include:

  • Brush both sides of your removable retainers with a soft toothbrush every day. Each week, give them a deep clean by soaking them in a cleaning solution or hydrogen peroxide.
  • For bonded retainers, brush around your wire well twice a day. Try a floss threader to get in between your teeth and the wire. The wire can easily trap food particles, so it’s essential to clean it well.
  • If you have removable retainers, take them out any time you eat or drink, or when you're playing sports. Store it in a case and keep it in a safe place.

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