What You Need to Know Before & After Orthognathic Surgery

What You Need to Know Before & After Orthognathic Surgery
Posted on 06/27/2022

Going into surgery can be scary. Luckily, Dr. Ross Taddeo can help! Orthognathic surgery (also known as corrective jaw surgery) is an option for many patients who are seeking to straighten their teeth and bite. However, it is a severe operative procedure. The best thing you can do as a patient is to prepare before the big day! And our expert team is here to help you plan. Here’s what you need to know on what you should do before and after orthognathic surgery.

Before Surgery

Before going into any surgery, it’s important to prepare yourself physically and mentally. Being prepared will make the recovery process much more smoother and successful. The best way to prepare is to plan out at least 2 weeks in advance. Here is a 2-weeks guide to help you:

  • Two Weeks Before: Follow your doctor’s advice and instructions. This can include what medications to take and what diet to follow. Also, let your employer/school know and request to take days off work to rest right after surgery. It’s also smart to have support. Have a family member or friend take care of you by taking you to the hospital, being there with you, and bringing you back home to recover. Smoking should be avoided at all costs before, during, and after surgery as well. 
  • One Week Before: Your doctor may request a pre-operative procedure and check-up. This will include taking x-rays, scans, and impressions of your jaw. Bloodwork and discussions about your medical history will also be conducted to ensure that you’re fit for surgery. Legal aspects, such as gathering your consent for surgery, will also be collected. 
  • 24 Hours Before: You will be expected to fast (not eat or drink) anything 12 hours before your surgery. Depending on what your doctor decides, you might also have to stop consuming certain medications to prevent any adverse reactions during surgery. Pack anything you’ll need to take to the hospital such as comfortable clothes, medical documents, medications, etc. You should leave any valuables at home, including any jewelry you wear frequently. A few hours before the surgery, you can choose to brush your teeth and take a shower before heading to the hospital.

After Surgery

After surgery, it’s important to follow any instructions your doctor advises.

  • Medications: Your doctor will prescribe pain medications to ease the pain and discomfort you feel and speed up your recovery. Make sure to follow the directions your doctor/pharmacist recommends.
  • Diet: Chewing will be painful, therefore, your diet will change over the next couple of weeks. This means you’ll be mostly eating liquid foods, such as soup, yogurt, smoothies, or even mashed foods. Fine pasta is also good. The key is to avoid moving the jaw and give it rest to heal. Instead of eating large meals, try eating in smaller portions throughout the day. 
  • Hygiene: Keeping up with oral hygiene will be important post-surgery to avoid infections. This means you’ll have to brush and rinse each day, but because of the pain, it can be hard to do. Start small with subtle brush movements. Avoid any mechanical toothbrushes as the intense vibrations to your jaw will cause pain. To rinse, gargle warm salt water to help remove the plaque and build-up. If you notice any abnormal amount of bleeding, contact your doctor. 
  • Activities: Surgery is traumatic to the body and will require rest for recovery. Take it easy the first week. You should be able to resume most of your daily activities after the first week, however, avoid any intense physical activities. Our advice is to stay away from any contact sports or strenuous activities that can increase the risk of injury. 

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