When Should My Child See an Orthodontist?

When Should My Child See an Orthodontist?
Posted on 03/29/2016

dr-in-green-with-childWe at Dr. Ross Taddeo Orthodontics strive to be your choice when it comes to picking an orthodontist for your kids in the East Orlando area. As frequent providers of early orthodontic care for children, one of the questions we get most often is about when you should bring your children to first see an orthodontist. If you're uncertain about when that is, then don't worry. You're not alone. However, there's a generally accepted answer to your question. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that your child first visit the orthodontist at the age of seven. While it's possible that your child's 'dental age' may be slightly accelerated or decelerated, seven years old is a good guideline. There may not necessarily be anything wrong with your child's dental health, but it's very important to schedule the visit just in case.

Why Should My Child See an Orthodontist?

When your child reaches the age of seven, most orthodontic problems will be recognizable. Even if your child's teeth appear straight, there could be an underlying problem you're unaware of. Some of the things Dr. Taddeo will check for during your first visit include:

  • Tooth and jaw alignment problems
  • Tooth crowding and spacing
  • Tooth protrusions
  • Crossbites and other bite problems

By the age of seven, these tooth problems are usually evident for an orthodontist to see. Even though they're primary teeth (baby teeth), they still play a vital role in determining your child's future dental health. Primary teeth essentially serve to guide where your permanent teeth will come in at; those teeth hold the space that the permanent teeth will eventually occupy. This is why it's not uncommon to see kids with primary teeth wearing braces. In the same way that a strong building requires a strong foundation, an adult having a healthy and straight smile requires a foundation of healthy and straight primary teeth.

Visit Your Local East Orlando Orthodontist Today

If you're in the East Orlando area and looking to find an experienced orthodontist for your kids, then look no further than Dr. Ross Taddeo Orthodontics. Not only does Dr. Taddeo have 17 years of experience in his field, but he offers a family-friendly atmosphere for kids who may be timid about their first visit to the orthodontist. If you would like to schedule an appointment with us, you can do so online or by calling us at (407) 482-3700. We hope you make us your choice for your child's first trip to the orthodontist!

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