Your Retainer Is Designed To Keep Your Teeth Straight, But What Do You Do If It's Broken Or No Longer Fits? Learn When You Should Replace Your Retainer Here!

When To Change My Retainer

When To Change My Retainer
Posted on 08/09/2018

When Should I Change My Retainer?

At the orthodontic office of Dr. Ross Taddeo, creating perfect smiles is what we do, and an important part of the process to create those smiles is retention. Once you get your braces off, Dr. Taddeo gives you a retainer to wear to help keep your teeth straight, since without it, your teeth will want to move right back to where they were before you started with your braces or Invisalign. If you want to make sure that your perfect, healthy smiles lasts for a lifetime, wearing your retainer is a must, and maintaining it is just as important.

Since your retainer is something that sticks with you for a long time, it’s highly unlikely that it will go unscathed. You’re not the first person to accidentally drop or step on your retainer, and believe us when we say that we’ve seen things happen to retainers that were much crazier and much worse. No matter what happens to your retainer, keeping it in functioning condition is important, but how do you know when to change or repair your retainer? This helpful guide from Dr. Taddeo and on orthodontic team about when to change your retainer should make things a little easier.

Your Retainer Is Damaged Or Broken

This one’s a bit of a no brainer, but if your retainer is damaged or broken, it’s structure is most likely compromised, meaning that it won’t be strong enough to effectively prevent your teeth from moving back into their old positions. If you’re not sure if the damage is extensive enough to warrant getting a replacement retainer, just bring your current one in to Dr. Taddeo and we can examine it to see if you need a new one.

Your Retainer No Longer Fits Comfortably

From the moment you got it, your retainer was designed to fit perfectly over your teeth and be as comfortable as possible. Since many retainers are made from a hard plastic, things like extreme heat from leaving it in the pocket of some shorts that went through the dryer, or leaving it outside on a table during a hot summer day can cause that plastic to warp and change shape. Typically, this is easy to notice if you put your retainer in and it just doesn’t seem to fit right. If it doesn’t fit over your teeth perfectly or just feels uncomfortable, it’s probably time that you change out your retainer for a new one.

Your Retainer Looks Or Feels Worn Out

Even though the material that makes up your retainer is extremely durable, it’s not indestructible or impervious to damage. Over time, the material can wear down, and often times it will change the way that your retainer feels when you wear it. A worn down retainer will not only feel uncomfortable when you wear it, but also be more susceptible to damage. To make sure that your retainer is in great shape, it’s recommended that you get a replacement and retire your old one.

Contact Us For More Retainer Care Tips!

If you need a replacement retainer, or if you have any questions about how to properly care for your retainer, contact us at the orthodontic office of Dr. Ross Taddeo. We’ve been working with the families of Orlando and Waterford Lake, FL for years, creating brilliant smiles for patients of all ages with the high quality, professional orthodontic care that they deserve. We look forward to seeing you in our office for your next visit with us, and helping you make sure your smile shines for years to come!

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